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We never believed, online gambling is something, only a few countries are allowed to play. Thus we obtained the list of online casinos that accept US players as well.

Gambling in an online casino should not be prohibited in the US. The people who have obtained sole licensing for the United States have lobbied years on end for the prohibition of online gabmling, but destroying the possibility for US citizens to gamble online, is like prohibiting Poker and Roulette. It's simply not justified.


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Why online casinos are a good choice

When it comes to gambling in India, online casinos have had a lot of criticism in the past. It was about things like the safety of players to adverse business conditions, whereas about traditional casinos is almost unreported. We acknowledge that there are some bad providers among online casinos, but the majority does not belong to this category.

In fact, indian online casinos are subject to even more stringent rules and regulations than ordinary casinos and are actively monitored by organizations such as eCogra . In addition, they must operate in accordance with the policies and procedures prescribed by software and payment systems providers.

So let's take a look at how safe you really are when playing at an online casino from India instead of a regular casino.

When it comes to acting responsibly in games of chance, both normal and online casinos are subject to the appropriate guidelines. The difference is that online casinos monitor whether they actually comply with these guidelines, whereas traditional casinos do not, and they don't offer free spins either. Although it is usually the case that they have to give appropriate pointers in their advertising, that, however, is usually everything.

In contrast, indian online casinos must follow a number of rules, including:

Monitoring the activities of players and identifying potentially problematic players, as well as taking appropriate steps to help the player when they need help - that may even mean locking that player's account if the problem persists.
Offer options that limit bets per day, per week or per month.
Offer a self-exclusion option to players, blocking the account for at least six months. During this time no offers may be sent to the player.
Add a clock to the casino software so that the player knows how long he has been playing. Some casinos, such as Betsson, go one step further and even offer pop-ups to let players know that they have been active for an hour or so. In addition, you will find in this message the profits and losses and a button to leave the casino - something you will not find in normal casinos.
Offering access to the complete history of all bets within the last 60 days to a full year - normal casinos can not offer such a thing because they lack the necessary technology.

As mentioned above, all of these measures are closely monitored by eCogra-certified online casinos and indian authorities. When was the last time you saw a clock or a special message in a casino monitoring your gaming behavior? The answer is never, because it just does not happen.